November 05th 2015

The last days of Europe.

How to waste a good idea.
Henryk M. Broder, European journalist, critic and author

Within the scope of the MCI Alumni & Friends lecture series, the Entrepreneurial School® recently welcomed the European journalist, critic, and author Henryk M. Broder, who seized the opportunity to introduce his new book “Das ist ja irre! Mein deutsches Tagebuch”. Born in Poland and having lived in Germany since 1958, the author does not like to be presented as a polemicist, for he merely describes reality as it is; and reality in itself is already polemic enough. Broder considers himself to be some sort of “collector of trash” who becomes most aware of the things happening around him through the process of writing.

As part of his talk, Henryk M. Broder read from two chapters of his most recent book “Das ist ja irre! Mein deutsches Tagebuch”. It is a political description of the events which took place between January and June 2015 in Germany. Broder comments on the events, particularly on the decisions which were taken by the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel. From Broder’s point of view the Chancellor has made great mistakes in her approach to a new asylum policy. He thus announces the European Union to be condemned to failure; its decline is more than obvious.

During the discussion following the author’s talk, the question arises of whether there is an alternative to the EU. Broder admits to not know the answer to this vital question and, in turn, asks the guests to think about whether the originally praised project of a European Union has probably already reached the point of no return.