March 09th 2016

Violate common sense.

Franz Hackl, Jazz trumpeter, Composer, Instrument maker, Founder of the Outreach Festival, New York & Schwaz


The Entrepreneurial School® recently welcomed the Austrian jazz trumpeter Franz Hackl to speak at MCI within the MCI Alumni & Friends program. The founder of the Outreach Festival followed his festival motto for his presentation: “Violate common sense: particularity – soul”. Hackl links common sense to sociopolitical topics and runs the gamut to his work as a musician and his very personal notion of common sense.

Franz Hackl keeps stressing the importance of common sense – be it for a responsible way of using modern technology, the way we deal with the refugee issue or the ongoing elections in the United States. He partly ascribes the “Donald Trump” phenomenon to the strong media influence. According to Hackl, it has never before been possible for so many people with so little talent to become famous.

The event was hosted by Prof. Dr. Siegfried Walch, MCI program director for Nonprofit, Social & Health Care Management / International Health & Social Management at MCI.