May 17th 2016

United Nations in progress.

Aiming for a changing, peaceful and sustainable world.
Natalia Gherman, Candidate for Secretary-General of the United Nations, New York

Within the scope of the MCI Alumni & Friends lecture series, the Entrepreneurial School® had the pleasure of welcoming the Official Candidate for Secretary-General of the United Nations, Natalia Gherman, nominated by the Republic of Moldova, for an exciting talk about the UN in Progress. The talk was introduced by the Rector of the MCI, Andreas Altmann and hosted by Dr. Armin Fidler, President of the European Health Management Association (EHMA) and Senior Lecturer as well as Member of the Faculty of the Management Center Innsbruck (MCI).

Last year, Ms. Gherman was selected by The Guardian to rank among the most impressive “Seven women to watch in global politics who are leading change all over the world”.

At the beginning of her speech, Ms. Natalia Gherman mentioned the importance of the Management Center Innsbruck for its fantastic reputation in Europe and for the quality of knowledge the students all receive from the institution. Gherman also explained the importance of the media communicating her plan and strategy to revitalize the United Nations and to make it serve the citizens even better.

Gherman answered a student’s question of why she decided to become the next Secretary-General of the UN, a job that is probably one of the most difficult jobs in the world, by stating that the UN still remains the best and unique commitment of humanity to act together in solving the global problems and challenges. “It is our duty to improve the organization, to perform it much better and to adapt to the modern challenges of today. All of us hoped for an era of peace and prosperity but it did not materialize. Unfortunately, our world has not become a safer place after the Cold War. The traditional Peace and Security Agenda of the United Nations will continue to be one of the most important preoccupations of the next Secretary General.”

According to Gherman, it is necessary to corrupt the roots that finance international terrorism at the very source. “Genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity still continue to take thousands of human lives”, Gherman said. Therefore, the Peace and Security Agenda articulates the development of efficient, effective and accountable security institutions to ensure security especially for threatened civilians according to Ms. Gherman.

Finally, the Candidate for Secretary-General of the United Nations mentioned the UN Charter that is the main document for all the UN ambassadors. “… the Charter is my guiding line. I feel empowered and I feel confident.” According to her, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is an agenda that will shape the development activity of the world for the next 15 years with 17 very comprehensive goals and targets. These goals further develop the millennium goals and tackle world hunger and poverty. “I’m a very committed and a very honest negotiator, a very skillful mediator, very well prepared and experienced in the executive branch”, said Gherman, the prominent diplomat whose leadership is appreciated internationally.

The event was jointly organized by the Honorary Consulate of Moldova with special thanks to Hon. Cons. Prof. Dr.h.c. Ernst Madlener.