June 14th 2016

Start-up: The life of a founder.

David Savasci, Founder & CEO, Zuper GmbH, Vienna

Within the frame of the MCI Alumni & Friends series of lectures, the Entrepreneurial School® welcomed David Savesci, founder and CEO of the grocery delivery service Zuper, to an inspiring talk about the life of an entrepreneur.

Savacsi, who studied International Business Administration in Vienna and Écully, describes himself as being married with a young enterprise. His vision is to turn his company Zuper into the Amazon of grocery deliveries. He got inspired for his business idea during his studies in France, when he fell sick on a weekend and found it hard to find a grocery store with home delivery.

He found, that delivery services for grocery stores requires a lot of infrastructure and are thus very capital intensive. With Zuper, he and his co-founders provide a solution to this problem by adapting the business model of Uber and bringing together people who would like to earn money with those not having the time to go shopping on their own.

As an entrepreneur, one has to be absolutely passionate about his idea, while simultaneously providing a solution for problems that have long been neglected. According to Savasci, entrepreneurial spirit may be identified by five fundamental skills: persistence in the implementation of one’s vision, flexibility regarding the actual needs of the world, craziness in setting one’s targets high, analytical and creative thinking in order to solve problems and the willingness to be a good person that creates a sustainable business. However, sometimes entrepreneurs also need to take an unpopular position and be thought.

The most valuable resource for entrepreneurs is time – as founder of a young organization, Savasci works hard and believes that being passionate about his vision rather than the wish for earning money fast is what start-ups turn into successful companies. Also, having a brilliant team and the right people to support one is a crucial factor that drives the success of start-ups.

The speech was hosted by Peter Mirski, head of the MCI department Management, Communication & IT, who also moderated a very lively and inspiring discussion following Savasci’s talk.