June 14th 2016

Leading international police cooperation to combat cybercrime.

Noboru Nakatani, Executive Director, INTERPOL Global Innovation, Singapore

Within the frame of the MCI Alumni & Friends series of lectures, the Entrepreneurial School® welcomed Noboru Nakatani, Executive Director from INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation. INTERPOL is the world’s largest international police organization, with 190 member countries. The role is to enable police around the world to work together to make the world a safer place. The high-tech infrastructure of technical and operational support helps meet the growing challenges of fighting crime in the 21st century.

In his lecture Noburu Nakatani outlined the various forms of "cybercrime" and future developments which could result in replacing the "Internet of Things" into the "Internet of threat". He reports on statistics, which state that the amount of money stolen in bank industry increases although bank robberies decrease. But cybercrime not only affects bank industry, but any Internet user. In 2015, $ 1.6 million were paid to hackers to decrypt stolen data.

Finally he points out that there are now affordable and accessible service provider of Internet crime and the speed of law enforcement is much slower than the invention of new ideas of cyber criminals.

The event was hosted by Prof. Dr. Siegfried Walch, MCI program director for Nonprofit, Social & Health Care Management / International Health & Social Management at MCI.