January 02nd 2017

Diversity in tech companies.

Catherine Ladousse, Executive Director in Communications at Lenovo EMEA Paris

Within the framework of the MCI Alumni & Friends lecture series, the Entrepreneurial School® recently welcomed Catherine Ladousse, Executive Director in Communications at Lenovo EMEA Paris since 2005. Ladousse was involved in the foundation of the global “Women in Lenovo Leadership” diversity program. In her talk, she emphasized the importance of diversity for businesses and described specific measures of diversity implemented by Lenovo.

From Ladousse’s point of view, diversity is the major driver for business performance. Our society, however, is largely influenced by unconscious prejudice fostered by education, culture, and socialization. In order to counteract such prejudice, we have to consciously reflect on our behavior. If we refuse to do so, society, as well as individuals, will time and again make the same faulty decisions. In the process of changing our thinking not only companies but also society and the actions of females themselves play an important role, as Ladousse pointed out. Therefore, she advises companies to rethink their attitude by drawing on so-called gender programs. In addition, Ladousse is convinced that respective measures are urgently required on a national level.

Ladousse explained that Lenovo appreciates diversity as a valuable asset to the company. It facilitates the employees’ productivity and the company’s profitability through increased involvement. It sparks innovative ideas for new products and services and facilitates the development of emotional commitment to the company. Ladousse concluded her talk with a description of the four-step method of job instruction, which has been designed to ensure the implementation of diversity regulations.

The event was chaired by MCI Senior Lecturer Regina Obexer, M.Ed. An inspiring debate rounded off Catherine Ladousse’s lecture.

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