March 21st 2017

Entrepreneurship, innovation & leadership.

How to create a dynamic organization.
Hap Klopp, Co-Founder and long-time CEO of The North Face®, Executive Chairman of Obscura Digital, San Francisco

On Tuesday, March 21, in the framework of the MCI Alumni & Friends lecture series, the Entrepreneurial School® at Management Center Innsbruck took pleasure in welcoming Hap Klopp, founder of the world-famous and highly successful outdoor brand The North Face® and as such a visiting speaker who is something of a perfect specimen of the entrepreneur.

Hap Klopp started off by telling his numerous listeners something about his own personal development, including an individualism that involved the desire to take his own decisions and run his own business. That dream came true with the foundation of The North Face in 1968, which soon became one of the best and best managed outdoor companies in the world. The speaker provided an overview of developments from the company’s early years to the establishment, development and continuous grooming of a successful brand. From the beginning, the keys to success at The North Face included a commitment to innovation and continuous product development, a strong focus on quality (“quality is an attitude”) as reflected in a life-long guarantee, and motivated employees who made it possible to develop the best possible products in line with the motto: “Don’t tell them how to do it; tell them why”.

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