September 17th 2021

Innsbruck Universities & MCI invited by the German Circle of Friends in the Heart of the Bavarian Metropolis

Federal Minister Alexander Schallenberg in Munich at the invitation of the German Circle of Friends of the Innsbruck Universities in Innsbruck e.V.

DFK Vorsitzender Andreas Altmann © MCI


"Universities meet friends - Let's go Munich!" Under this inviting motto, the German Circle of Friends (DFK), together with the Innsbruck universities and MCI, once again conquered the Bavarian metropolis at an inspiring event in the State Rooms of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria.

Whereas in previous years the event had already welcomed illustrious names such as Austrian government members Sebastian Kurz, Reinhold Mitterlehner, Karlheinz Töchterle, Hans Jörg Schelling and Governor Günther Platter as high-ranking personalities; this time, the Austrian Foreign and European Affairs Minister Alexander Schallenberg on the topic of "Europe in the World" was the focus of this eminent event. DFK Chairman Andreas Altmann and the President of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Munich & Upper Bavaria, Klaus-Josef Lutz, introduced the special guest and the prestigious event in humorous words.

The topics addressed were multi-layered and offered deep insight into the world of diplomacy and the complexity of international relations. "What is the future with Afghanistan? How do we keep our own people safe? Are we facing a new wave of migration? What about the transatlantic partnership between the US & Europe? What do you say about Brexit? How should the EU behave towards Poland and Hungary? Doesn't the sanctions policy against Russia harm us the most? What are the threats coming from China? How should we react to them?" were just some of the questions raised and led to exciting discussion points under the competent discussion leadership and moderation of Editor-in-Chief Oliver Stock (Wirtschaftskurier Munich).

DFK Chairman Andreas Altmann is convinced that the mission of the German Circle of Friends has been fulfilled: to connect the University of Innsbruck, the Medical University of Innsbruck and the MCI | Entrepreneurial School® with renowned personalities, companies and institutions from science, business and society; to promote cordial dialogue and encounters, and to foster German-Austrian relations.

The event, which was organized in cooperation with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Technical University of Munich, and other partners, and the discussions held before and after the event about possible ideas and future projects are a living expression of this friendly motto.