May 16th 2017

Europe in the world.

Aleksander Kwaśniewski, President of the Republic of Poland 1995–2005, Warsaw

Aleksander Kwaśniewski was one of the leading figures in European Politics. He participated in the famous “Round-Table” negotiations in Poland that finally brought the peaceful transformation of Poland and the whole Central and Eastern Europe from communism to democracy. He was co-founding member and first chairman of the Social Democratic Party of the Republic of Poland and won the presidential elections for the first time in 1995.

It was under his leadership that Poland finally joined NATO in 1999. During his Presidency, he courageously confronted the past, significantly contributing to the reconciliation between the Polish, German, Jewish and Ukrainian people. Aleksander Kwaśniewski inspired the international mediation efforts during the 2004 Orange Revolution, helping the young democracy in Ukraine to prevail.

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