May 19th 2017

"Kaesknoeple" and High technology.

Successful strategies for international competitiveness.
Markus Wallner, State Governor of Vorarlberg

On May 18, 2017, MCI Management Center Innsbruck had the honor to welcome the State Governor of Vorarlberg, Markus Wallner.

State Governor Wallner was born in Bludenz and studied Political Sciences and History at the University of Innsbruck. Before his appointment as Governor, he also acted as a member of the Vorarlberg State Parliament and as Deputy State Governor.

Covering an area of 2,600 square kilometers Vorarlberg is the second smallest state of Austria; in many ways, it is however very great or rather tremendous, and a true model for many other states. Numerous flagship companies of international importance have settled in the “Ländle” (little country), making Vorarlberg one of the most successful economic regions in Europe.

In his lecture it became very clear that State Governor Wallner is very proud of “his” state.

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