January 19th 2022

MCI Livetalk with Tesla & Lucid pioneer Peter Hochholdinger.

Tesla & Lucid pioneer Peter Hochholdinger provides insights on e-mobility at the MCI Livetalk.



From a global company in Germany to global tech visionaries in the USA: With his impressive CV, Peter Hochholdinger is a sought-after guest of prime ministers and corporate executives all over the world. In the online live talk at MCI, he lets enthusiastic students share his incredible wealth of experience.

Peter Hochhinger's career began at Audi, where he stood out for his precision, creativity and innovative spirit. He is still grateful today for the high-quality training and diverse experience he received at the German carmaker.

When Tesla CEO Elon Musk hears about the "crazy German at Audi who wants to change the world," it doesn't take long for Hochholdinger to move to California. He becomes global head of production at Tesla, where the two alphatians jointly launch the "Model X": not an automobile in the previous sense, but a software package on wheels - a technical revolution that triggers further incredible developments.

But its journey is not over yet. Entrepreneurial spirit and creative drive make Peter Hochholdinger switch to a "real" startup company. "Tesla was somehow already too established for me," he confesses in the lecture about his penchant for taking risks and going big. He becomes the global head of production at Lucid Motors: The company is also headquartered in California, while the most important production facilities are located in Arizona. Here he gets the chance to design and build "from the ground up," and he does so highly successfully.

The near future of global competition is clear to Hochholdinger, a pioneer. New technologies are constantly needed to make the world a better place and help us overcome the global climate challenges that the visionary has declared war on. He is doing everything he can to bring about the switch from fossil fuels to renewable mobility solutions. Technology and innovation are "the key to solving our problems"; we will not achieve the change with bans, appeals and abandonment.

In conclusion, Peter Hochholdinger gave the young and motivated students a saying from Charlie Brown and Snoopy: Charlie Brown: "We only live once, Snoopy." Snoopy replies, "Wrong, we only die once, but we live every day."