February 27th 2023

FlixBus & Greyhound: How can David & Goliath win together?

Daniel Krauss, co-founder of FlixBus and owner of Greyhound Lines at joint Distinguished Guest Lecture by UC Berkeley & MCI with current visiting professor MCI Rector Andreas Altmann at Berkeley.



"MCI meets Berkeley" is the motto of joint events between the renowned University of California, Berkeley and MCI. Their latest guest was Daniel Krauss, Co-Founder & CIO of FlixBus and new owner of Greyhound Lines. Daniel Krauss has accompanied the Entrepreneurial School® for years as a member of the MCI Advisory Board. The event was held at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business and was live-streamed by both universities.

After a brief introduction by Jennifer A. Chatman, Associate Dean of the Haas School of Business, Daniel Krauss explained how and why FlixBus has acquired Greyhound, a company that is more than 100 years old.

Afterwards, MCI Rector Andreas Altmann and Jeroen Dewulf, Director of the Institute of European Studies at UC Berkeley led the fascinating Q&A, including questions such as: How do you manage to unite American and European culture? What have been the biggest challenges and achievements? Where is the future of long-distance bus travel heading? What is the bottleneck of FlixBus and Greyhound? And, when can we expect self-driving busses?