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With the completion of one of the study programs at MCI you not only own a valuable certificate but also the key to a successful career, a key which opens up the doors to the dynamic world of business, society, culture and politics.

Platform discussions

Platform discussions with leading international public figures provide fresh stimulus and support the friendly exchange of knowledge and experience.

Services for Alumni

In line with our mission to Mentor the Motivated®, we offer a variety of career services to our alumni after they graduate from MCI.

Lifelong Learning


If you hold an MCI Bachelor’s degree and are interested in enrolling for a master degree course, we recommend you carefully research your options and take the MCI range of offers into consideration. You can choose from several areas of study (Management & Society or Technology & Life Sciences), different modes of study (full-time, part-time, online or blended learning) and a selection of languages (German or English). As an MCI graduate student you benefit from already being familiar with the university and its procedures.

It is hard to say whether enrolling for a master degree program in general or directly after completing a Bachelor’s degree is a wise decision for everyone. This decision is entirely dependent on your personal, educational, and professional background as well as individual career goals. Generally, it makes sense to opt for a Master’s degree if you wish to expand on the knowledge you have acquired during your bachelor studies, specialize in a particular field, complement and develop your skills and competences further, or pursue an academic career.


MCI has a range of expertise at its disposal and can consequently offer many opportunities for part-time executive education. Seminars, training courses and postgraduate master degrees are available to you to help you refine and develop your qualification profile.

MCI Alumni receive a discount of 20% on all MCI Seminars. The list of seminars can be found here.

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It takes a video to learn!

Even after the awarding of your degrees, we aim to create value for you and support your further development and lifelong learning. To give you an opportunity to learn from different professionals in commerce and industry, from start-up entrepreneurs to large corporation executives, MCI has negotiated an access for every alumni to the online video collection of Henry Stewart Talks.

For further information please contact:

We aim to provide continuous support and advancement and therefore encourage MCI alumni to draw on the special MCI resources, which include MCI WEBINARS, seminars and workshops.
Career Winter School
We are currently opening our Career Winter Schools to our alumni. The Winter Schools are extracurricular events for MCI students, with a certain number of seats allocated to our alumni.
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The MCI Language Center offers courses in Arabic, Chinese, German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Austrian Sign Language and many more. Classes are available for many different language levels.

Our experienced language instructors have first-class teaching qualifications and provide their students with a varied program. Teaching in small groups and with a focus on communication and intercultural competence ensure the courses’ high quality and success as well as that the participants take pleasure in learning.

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To complement its in-house library services MCI has entered into an exemplary cooperation with the University and State Library of Tyrol (ULB), allowing researchers, teachers, students, and alumni to gain access to the comprehensive university library facilities.

Scientific research and reflection opportunities combined with efficient access to internationally available literature are among the most essential infrastructural requirements of universities.