Encouraged by the motto “STRONG WITH A NETWORK” ever since its foundation in 1996, MCI has provided students, graduates, and employees with a competitive edge in education, business, and society. To support you on your search for internship positions, entry-level jobs, or new professional challenges MCI offers official sources of information including business contacts, a corporate website and brochure, as well as plenty of opportunities to use the MCI university network.

Business Partners & Contacts

Institutions and companies from different sectors at home and abroad hold the Management Center Innsbruck and its graduates in high esteem. In the global race for the best brains they thus maintain a close partnership with MCI and have become an integral part of the living network of the Entrepreneurial School®.


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Funding, Donations, Endowments & Sponsoring

In an environment of increasingly tight budgets for public universities, private and business sponsorships are gaining importance. Support MCI and become our partner!


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