Christian Sommer

Managing Partner, myRobotcenter GmbH

Christian Sommer

Study program: Business & Management (Diploma program)

When I look back at my time at MCI...

“… I can only say time flies: Almost ten years have passed since my graduation! I truly miss the discussions with my fellow students and lecturers. The exchange with colleagues has taught me more than anything else.
Therefore, I can only recommend enrolling for a part-time program at MCI: It may require a lot of effort and a couple of sacrifices, but I am convinced that the combination of practical and theoretical experience you will gain is absolutely worth it.”

How did your studies prepare you for your current job?

“Ever since I took the decision to set up my own business, I have become more and more aware of just how valuable studying at MCI was for my career.
As an entrepreneur, I have to deal with most different subjects, many of which I hadn’t been in touch with before, on a daily basis. Until my graduation I worked for a large corporation in the field of logistics. So I did not have much to do with issues of finance, controlling, law etc.
Very often when I am now faced with such challenges, I pause and remember what the courses at university have taught me. Again and again I have been amazed by the range of subjects which I can relate to although my student years have long been over and I have never been professionally concerned with these subjects before.”