Martin Granig

Founder & CEO, Monkee GmbH

Martin Granig
Martin Granig

Study program: Business & Management for Professionals (Diploma program)

When I look back at my time at MCI...

I now realize how formative this intensive period was for my professional and personal development. The part-time degree program in Business & Management for Professionals was an enormous challenge, but the experience of juggling work and study was just right for me. The exchange with fellow students who were employed as well, often in notable positions, not only enriched the discussions and the learning environment, but also contributed significantly to building a valuable network. It was a unique opportunity to learn from the experiences and perspectives of other professionals while sharing my own insights. Now, several years later, I can see how many of my fellow students have risen to excellent positions. This not only confirms the quality of education at MCI, but has also exponentially increased the value of my personal network. I am proud to be part of such a community that continuously develops and supports itself.

How did your studies at MCI prepare you for your current job?

My studies at MCI were crucial to my professional development and prepared me ideally for my current job. Immediately after graduation, I was given the opportunity to move within the large corporation I was working for to an area that was tailored to the focus of my studies. Without the in-depth knowledge and experience I gained at MCI, this important career step would not have been possible. In my new position, I was able to directly apply the knowledge I gained during my studies and thus lay the foundation for steadily taking on more responsibility – both in terms of budgets and employee management. Today, as founder and CEO of the FinTech company Monkee (, I continue to benefit from the skills and network I was able to build up during my time at MCI. MCI not only opened the door to new professional opportunities, but also equipped me with a strong network and a deep understanding of management and business that now forms the cornerstone of my entrepreneurial endeavors. I regularly recommend the MCI to people around me who are looking for an institution that will support them in their professional development and prepare them for the demands of a dynamic business world.

What would you tell someone who is considering studying at MCI?

Do it! The MCI offers not only a high-quality education with a strong practical orientation, but also an environment that contributes to personal and professional development. The part-time study program model makes it possible to apply theoretical knowledge directly in practice and gain valuable experience while working. Interaction with lecturers and students who are already established in various business sectors opens up a dynamic exchange that goes far beyond traditional learning. This network that you build up during your studies can provide a lifelong professional foundation.

What is your motto?

The best way to predict the future is to shape it yourself.