Alexandra Brecher

Project Manager, Raiffeisen Software GmbH

Alexandra Brecher

Study program: Business & Management (Bachelor)

When I look back at my time at MCI...

“.... makes me smile – despite the great effort and energy studying at MCI demanded of me. After all, my time at MCI was fun and full of adventures with interesting people, all of which I would not want to do without. The network I became part of is in fact invaluable!
.... I realize that it has taught me much about myself: I would even go so far as to describe this period in my life as a piece of self-realization.
.... I am proud to be able to call myself an MCI graduate.”

How did your studies prepare you for your current job?

“MCI made it possible for me to achieve my current position in the first place – particularly by allowing me to combine my studies with a full-time job. It moreover provided me with the necessary skills to meet the daily requirements of my current job: Project management is characterized by its volatility as well as versatility; there is usually a lot of stress, pressure, and multiple factors to be considered at the same time. The combination of theory and practice, the encouragement for connected thinking, and the structural approach to complex subjects offered by MCI still benefit me today, and thus also the company I work for.”