Sensors and Actuators BB

Course contents
- Sensors:
- Sensors for individual parameters and the principles for measuring them, incl. micro-mechanical (probe tips), micro-electromagnetic (e.g. Hall effect) and chemical sensors (e.g. nose), resolution (temporal, intensity, spectral, spatial), response time, sensitivity, noise
- Amplifiers and filters: mode analysis, lock-in amplifiers
- Actuators:
- Principles, physical effects, conventional actuators, micro-actuators, applications, incl. comb-drive actuators, micro-motors (electrostatic, electromagnetic, piezoelectric) and transmissions, moving micro-mirrors, valves and metering systems, positioning accuracy, actuation, power converters, dynamics
- Basic methods, MOEMS (optical MEMS), system design, current fields of application, integration of micro-components in the device environment (mechanical, thermal, electrical, energetic)