Electrical engineering

Course contents
  • Direct current technology:

    - Elementary direct current technology (resistors, Ohm's law, voltage and current divider)

    - Kirchhoff's laws

    - Voltage and power sources

    - Internal resistance
    Electricity and magnetic field:

    - Electric and magnetic field

    - Induction

    - Fundamental components:

    - Inductors

    - Capacitors

    - Relays
    Alternating current technology:

    - Root mean square and peak value

    - Apparent impedance, reactance and resistance

    - Impedance

    - Apparent, reactive and active power

    - Transformer principle

    - Resonant circuits

    - Elementary filters (high-pass, low-pass, band-pass filter)
    Rotary current:

    - Three-phase grid
    Star-delta connection