Revision Course in Process Technology

Course contents
  • Chemical process engineering:
    - Introduction to the basic physicochemical principles of the description of reaction engineering processes with a focus on chemical equilibrium and reaction kinetics
    - Basic types and operating modes of reactors
    - Evaluation criteria for reactors
    - Calculation of conversion, yield, and selectivity in complex reactions
    - Introduction to kinetics
    - Kinetics of homogeneous reactions
    - Principles of heterogeneous catalysis
    - Analysis of reaction kinetics data
    - Residence time distribution in ideal reactors
    Thermal process engineering:
    - Phase equilibrium
    - Vaporization (p-x diagram)
    - Distillation (t-x diagram/McCabe-Thiele)
    - Rectification
    - Absorption
    - Extraction
    Mechanical process engineering:
    - Characterization of particles and particle systems in mechanical process engineering
    - Particle measurement technology
    - Basic principles of separation, classification, and sorting processes
    - Gas-particle separation processes
    - Solid-liquid separation processes
    - Mixing processes
    - Agitation
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