Advanced Catalysis

Course contents
  • - Fundamentals of Catalysis (Definitons, Historical Evolution, Mode of Action)
    - Concepts of Heterogeneous Catalysis (Kinetic Mechanisms, Energetic, Steric and Electronic aspects)
    - Catalyst Preparation (Active surface area, Catalyst supports, Preparation of supported
    - Catalytic Reactors (Static, Stirred, (Plug) Flow, Pulse reactors, TAP, SSITKA, In situ and Operando Characterization, Mass and heat transfer limitations)
    - Catalysis by Nanostructured Materials - Metal/Support Interaction - Catalysis by Gold - Methanol Steam Reforming
    - Catalysis by Cu-ZrO2 materials - Homogeneous Catalysis (Basics, Essential reactions, 16/18 rule, HSAB principle, industrial examples)