Master Thesis

Course contents
- Assistance by the respective supervisor and research staff in the preparation of time and work schedules for the writing of the master thesis
- Continual evaluation of the current state of the master thesis by the respective supervisor
- Continual evaluation of the master thesis by the respective supervisor
Technical master thesis topics are defined by current research foci on the one hand and industrial demands on the other hand. Data is collected experimentally and/or technical scenarios are created and examined by means of the respective software. Besides a technical and scientific discussion of the problem, a master thesis is required to also provide a detailed examination of its economic significance. This means that students need to research in advance in how far the economy might profit from the technical and scientific discussion of the topic and which markets or market segments could be opened by the companies involved. At the same time, students must demonstrate the efficiency of the methods discussed in due consideration of not only relevant plant operating costs but also of investment costs, financing, and return on investment. Independent master theses are expected to provide an examination of the findings' potential for commercial use and a practical verification based on feasibility analyses and concrete business plans.