Sociology of Tourism & Leisure

Course contents
  • - A discussion of the developments which have established tourism studies as a
    multidisciplinary science
    - A presentation of stakeholder theory in tourism; developing tourism regions;
    governance in tourism regions
    - A presentation of possible approaches and concepts of tourism studies as an
    - A presentation of popular representatives of tourism studies on the basis of
    text excerpts and films clips
    Day 2:
    - The future of tourism and tourism trends
    - A presentation of various multidisciplinary research approaches
    - Comprehensive bibliographies including relevant online resources and printed
    Day 3:
    - An introduction to leisure studies as an interdiscipline
    Day 4:
    - A media analysis with a focus on aspects of tourism and leisure
    - An overview of the branches of tourism studies: tourism psychology, tourism
    pedagogy, tourism ecology, etc.
    - Interactive exercises
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