Management Studies II

Course contents
  • General course content:

    Learning Unit I & II: Customer Orientation & Customer Satisfaction (Stefanie Haselwanter)
    - Customer orientation in tourism
    - Emergence of customer satisfaction and influencing factors
    - Models to explain customer satisfaction (C/D paradigm, Kano model)
    - Customer loyalty from the supplier's point of view & customer loyalty instruments
    - Customer loyalty from demand perspective & true customer loyalty
    - Dealing with negative/positive reaction to customer (dis-)satisfaction

    Learning Unit III: Introduction to Strategic Management (Stefanie Haselwanter)
    - Basics & history of strategic management
    - From planning to strategic management
    - Definition approaches strategy (prescriptive & normative approach)
    - Tasks & key issues of strategic management

    Unit IV & V: Strategic Management & Strategy Tools (Stefanie Haselwanter)
    - areas of strategy under observation
    - Market-oriented and resource-oriented strategy development approaches
    - Strategy tools: Industry structure analysis, product life cycle, experience curve, portfolio management, SWOT

    Unit VI & VII: Selected concepts of strategic management (Hubert Siller)
    - Generic strategies according to Porter
    - Blue Ocean Strategy
    - The concept of control variables according to Gälweiler