Management Studies II

Course contents
  • Session 1:
    Customer focus
    1. The customer and tourist services (peculiarities, tech and touch dimensions
    2. The development of customer focus
    3. Customer focus and its significance in corporate management
    Customer satisfaction
    1. The development of customer satisfaction
    2. Factors of customer satisfaction
    3. Select models of customer satisfaction (confirmation/disconfirmation
    paradigm, Kano model, importance grid etc.)
    Session 2:
    Customer satisfaction and its consequences for business
    1. Consequences of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction
    2. Company value and customer satisfaction
    4. Measuring customer satisfaction
    3. Complaint management and complaint behavior of customers
    Customer retention
    1. Customer relationship management
    3. Turning one-time customer into regular customer
    2. Tools of customer retention
    FH-Prof. Mag. Hubert J. Siller:
    Topics of course unit 7: the system of strategic management as a whole
    1. Concepts of strategic management according to Hinterhuber
    2. Focus benchmarking and core competencies
    3. Analyzing family enterprises
    Contents of course unit 8: the peculiarities of family-run companies
    1. Alternative concepts of strategic management
    2. Analyzing family enterprises