Tourism Economics & Politics I

Course contents
  • Session 1: revision of economics: a repetition of the core terminology and
    concepts of economics with a particular focus on microeconomics (as discussed
    in the first semester)
    Session 2: special chapter: tourism and environment
    Session 3: the model of circular flow and national account I: the fundamentals
    of the national account as a basis for further insight into the significance of
    Session 4: national account II
    Session 5: challenges of assessing the value added of tourism; definitions
    provided by the United Nations World Tourism Organization: visitors, tourism
    consumption, specific tourism industries, connected tourism industries,
    methods for assessing the value added of tourism, examples for demandoriented
    approaches, indirect and induced value added, multipliers
    Session 6: an introduction to the structure and significance of input-output
    models, the basic principles of matrix calculations, estimation of the Leontief
    inverse, example of application in tourism
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