Strategic Pricing & Yield Management

Course contents
  • Pricing is the key lever for increasing short and long term profitability: the impact of small changes in price exceeds the impact of similar changes in sales quantity or costs by a factor of 2-5 for most companies.
    Pricing is a topic which has received comparatively little executive attention. The typical tendency for many companies is to benchmark prices against prevailing market prices or against own costs of goods, and to focus to other areas - such as cost reductions, revenue increase - to increase profits and sales. By doing so, many companies forego a significant profit potential; leading companies in the premium automotive, pharmaceutical and IT industries have recognized that a well-crafted pricing strategy is a cornerstone for profitability and growth. In this course we will learn what distinguishes companies that truly master pricing ("pricing champions") from laggards in the area of pricing.

    The objective of this course is to introduce students to the practice and theory of strategic pricing. For most companies, strategic pricing requires more than a change in attitude: it requires a change in when, how, and who makes pricing decisions. Strategic pricing requires that prices are set to fully capture customer value. Strategic pricing also requires a comprehensive understanding of market segmentation in order to extract maximum value out of different and heterogeneous customer/market segments.
    The course Strategic Pricing thus prepares students to excel in implementing pricing decisions for optimized long-term profitability at their future companies.