Sustainable Destination Development

Course contents
  • Session 1:
    - General aspects:
    - What is a destination?
    - How did destination management evolve?
    - What models of destination development are there?
    - What are the peculiarities of alpine destinations?

    - Specific aspects of focus areas
    - Summary of any available details, informaonti, scientific articles
    - Conclusions, interpretations, observations
    - Open questions for Leogang Saalfelden fact finding

    Session 2:
    - Fact Finding Leogang Saalfelden

    - Exploration of the destination and its service providers in particular
    - Interviews with representatives of the destination to find answers to open questions
    - Discussions with further service providers
    - Discussions with teachers
    - Preparation of a PowerPoint presentation

    Session 3:
    Final presentations (PowerPoint presentation of 25 minutes per group) of central insights, problem areas, challenges and recommendations relating to respective focus areas
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