Engineering Physics 2

Course contents
  • Waves:
    - Wave types, density, optics and acoustics, energy
    - Propagation of waves, superposition of waves: stationary waves, phase and group velocity, Fourier analysis, polarization, interference, diffraction, refraction, reflection, total internal reflection
    - Sound, sound pressure
    - Electromagnetic waves, light and color, spectra

    Geometrical optics:
    - Lenses, mirrors, optical instruments

    Foundations of thermodynamics:
    - Quantity of substance
    - Kinetic theory of gases
    - Temperature, thermal energy, equation of state of ideal gases
    - First and second law of thermodynamics
    - Change of state of ideal and real gases

    Quantum, atomic and nuclear physics:
    - Foundations of quantum, atomic and nuclear physics
    - Effects of radioactive radiation
    - Radiation protection
    - Application of radioactive isotopes
    - Emission and absorption spectra
    - Foundation of laser physics
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