Global Economics & Markets PT

Course contents
  • - Economic integration in the light of a global economy
    - Foreign trade theory (customs, tariffs)
    - The concepts of markets and their structures
    - Regional trading blocks (EU, NAFTA, Mercosur, etc.)
    - Liberalism and regionalism
    - Government policies and their impact on business
    - Integration through trade agreements (GATT / WTO)
    - Multilateral agreements, plurilateral agreements, dispute settlements
    - Current developments (e.g. TTIP)
    - History of economics
    o Adam Smith, Keynes, Hayek (Boehm-Bawerk)
    o Keynesianism vs. Austrian school of economics in the current climate
    - Central banks
    o Fractional banking, money creation
    o Fiscal policy vs. monetary policy
    o Money supply
    o Quantitative easing
    o Gold standard, Bretton Woods
    o Inflation, deflation (stagflation)
    o Bonds, yield curves
    - Lehman - subprime crisis
    - Current and future developments
    o Crowdfunding, electronic fund management, mobile payments
    o Cryptocurrencies (blockchains)