Internship Seminar: Applied Business Management

Course contents
  • This course offers self-reflective & integrative support for the internship. Students will be able to reflect on management und entrepreneurship theories, which they have learned about throughout their Bachelor's programme. The courses also offers a chance to reflect on personal development, internship tasks and the student's role in the internship company.
    Students will be supported by so-called internship logs, which serve as a quality assurance and accompany students throughout the internship. Four different internship logs have to be completed. They have to be uploaded on Sakai at four different dates throughout the internship. The internship logs include questions concerning (a) student expectation of the internship with regards to personal development, problem-solving competencies, learning experience, (b) work environment, internship tasks and current challenges, (c) leadership and communication styles, style of working, motivation (c) lessons learned and if students would recommend the internship to future students