Design project

Course contents
The most important mass and energy balances shall be drawn based on practical examples and evaluated according to economic criteria. Besides, the corresponding flowcharts and R&I schedules shall be drawn.
In the framework of project based learning, students are introduced to elaborating proposals for solution of technical problems on their own. They shall use knowledge from different subjects in an integrative manner in order to work on complex industry- or investigation-related topics taking into account economic aspects. A certain part of the workload may be borne by the students outside of course attendance times. Integration of different forms of teaching provides room for flexibility.
E.g., in the field of environmental engineering layout and plant concepts for
- Purification systems for waste air and/or waste gas from industrial processes (desulphurisation, denitrification)
- Sewage plants
- etc.
are possible topics.

In the field of energy engineering, projects in the field of energy generation and consumption optimization are possible topics.