Quality- and environmental management

Course contents
  • Quality management:
    - Quality and customer orientation
    - Development and elements of quality management (degrees of quality maturity)
    - Quality control, assurance and planning (e.g. QFD, FMEA)
    - Error management: correction, prevention, control
    - Process-oriented quality management (command/capacity)
    - Quality management toolset (e.g. Q7, SPC etc.)
    - Standards (audits and assessments)
    - Total quality management - philosophy, approaches and systems
    - Business excellence and integrated management systems (e.g. EFQM)
    Environmental management:
    - Development / Fundamental concepts of corporate environmental management
    - Objectives of corporate environmental management
    - Tasks and benefits of an environmental management system
    - Knowledge of requirements in terms of environmental management ISO 14001- EMAS, differences
    - Introduction of an environmental management system - tasks - methodology - requirements - problems - solutions
    - Implementation of an environmental management system
    - Main tasks during the implementation of an environmental management system (planning, organisational and operational structures, environmental officer, documentation, control and improvement), environmental statement
    - Environmental audit
    - Knowledge of concrete contents of the ISO / EMAS standard an audit is based on
    - Methodological organisation in order to carry out an audit
    - Problems during the implementation of an audit - solutions
    - Post-processing, reporting
    - Independent implementation of a small-scale audit in one's own company