Mathematics I

Course contents
  • Students are able to answer questions like the ones below:
    Elementary math, systems of linear equations, mathematical knowledge:

    What are basic mathematical rules?
    How to alter equations?
    How can the results be validated?
    How to calculate areas, volumes, etc. of the most important mathematical entities?

    What is a vector? What is the difference to other mathematical entities?
    What is the difference between a dot and a vector product? How can they be calculated? What is their meaning?
    What is the length of a vector?
    How can vectors be projected onto each other? Why should we do this?
    How can vectors be used in physics?

    What is a function? How can a plot be generated from a function?
    What are special functions and their properties? Where are they relevant?
    (sine, cosine, tangent, exponential function, logarithm, root, parabola, hyperbola, polynomials)
    How can the properties of a function be analysed?

    What is meant by creating the derivative of a function? How can a function be derived graphically?
    What are rules that help differentiating complex terms?
    Where is differentiation used in science and technology?
    What is meant by d ∆, etc? How can they be interconverted?
    What are partial derivatives?