Mathematics II

Course contents
  • Students are able to answer questions like the ones below:

    - What does it meant to integrate a function?
    - How can this be done graphically?
    - How can difficult functions be integrated?

    Complex numbers
    - What is a complex number? What is i?
    - Why is this helpful? What kind of systems are best described by it?

    Different coordinate systems
    - Polar, cylindrical and spherical coordinates - what are they?
    - How to change between different systems?

    Numerical analysis
    - What is a numerical solution?
    - How can integration and differentiation be undertaken in a numerical way?
    - What methods are there?
    - How stable are the different methods?
    - How to implement these methods?

    - mean, median
    - standard deviation
    - variance
    - significance
    - propagation of uncertainty