Corporate Finance

Course contents
  •  Access to intenational funding
     Perspectives of CFO, investor and debtor vs. financial (external) accounting
     Different financial systems and influence on corporation's capital structure
    and on instruments for corporate finance
     Review of capital budgeting
    o Time value of money and interest rates (perpetuities, annuities, interest
    rates and inflation)
    o Investment appraisal techniques (present value, net present value,
    internal rate of return)
     Instruments of equity, mezzanine and debt finance in market-based and
    bank-based financial systems
     Risk & return
    o Modern portfolio theory (MPT) & capital asset pricing model (CAPM)
    o Portfolio selection: goal, mechanics, and applications
    o Valuing capital assets: bonds and share pricing, introduction in company
    valuation, yield calculation
    o Futures - overview, margin settlement, hedging
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