Ethical Decision Making
Course contents
  • What is ethics? (Normative Ethics and Decisions) An introduction into the ethics of international cooperation
    Differentiation between ethical issues and other issues
    Differentiation between bioethics, law, culture, and religion
    Human Dignity and Human Rights in the context of bioethics
    Treatment decisions in health care setting taking into account benefits and harms.
    Autonomy and individual responsibility in the healthcare provider - patient relationship.
    Informed consent and its application in different interventions, research and teaching.
    The principles of respect for human-vulnerability and personal integrity
    Privacy and confidentiality
    Equality, Justice and Equity - ethical issues involved in allocating scarce health care resources
    Discrimination and Stigmatization in an ethical context
    Cultural diversity and pluralism
    The notion of Solidarity in an health care context
    Social responsibility and health (Health as a fundamental human right, Health and the impact of social and overall living conditions, Responsibilities for governments and various sectors of society, Health and contemporary challenges to global justice)
    Sharing of benefits (Benefits of scientific research, International instruments on benefit sharing, Models of benefit sharing agreements)
    Clinical Trials, Study Protocols and Sponsors
    Participation of Affected Parties (Citizens Jury)
    Global civic ethic: a set of core values that can unite people of all cultural, political, religious, or philosophical backgrounds
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