Law & Public Health Practice
Course contents
  • European Public Health Practice (European labour law):

    International Labour Organisation (History and Organisation, Overview on key conventions)
    The European Social model in contrast to the US-Model, Differences in the social models within Europe (scandinavian, mediterranian, continental social model), the erosion of the european social model in the crisis (eg Greece)
    European labour law Labour law regulations in primary law and in secondary law
    Social dialogue
    Free movement of workers (Law & working migration - mobility of health professionals) Posting of workers (directive 96/71/EG and the freedom of services)
    Collective labour law (EWC-directive)

    International Public Health Practice

    Health systems, health and wealth: Assessing the case for investing in health systems

    The contribution of health to wealth and societal well-being
    The direct contribution of health to societal well-being
    The effects of ill health on economic productivity
    The impact of health on health care expenditure
    The economic consequences of health inequalities

    Assessing the impact of health systems
    The nature of health problems in Europe
    Do health services save lives? The contribution of
    health services to population health

    The contribution of public health interventions
    Promoting equity? The impact of health systems
    on health inequalities
    Responding to citizens' expectations? The role of
    health services in responsiveness
    Health systems' direct contribution to the economy
    Improving health systems performance
    Health system reform strategies
    Assessing health systems performance
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