Regulation & Competition in Health Care Markets
Course contents
  • Perfect Competition
    Asymmetric information and agency
    Social Health Insurance
    Theory and Practice of Regulated (Managed) Competition
    Comparative Health Care Systems and Health System Reforms
    Towards competitive sickness fund markets in Europe
    Role of Voluntary Supplementary Health Insurance
    Health Care Systems Design (Macrolevel)
    Private-Public Mix in Finance & Provision / Solidarity in Health Care
    The complex interactions between basic and supplementary health insurance schemes: an international perspective.
    Hospital marketsHospital mergers and antitrust policy
    Managed care
    Health Insurance and Reinsurance in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
    Medical Savings Accounts
    Role and Rationale of Nonprofit Firms in Health Care
    Assessing Population Needs
    Prioritising Health Outcomes
    Delivery, Financing and Regulation Structures
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