Medical Sensors and Actuators

Course contents
  • Sensors:
    - Diagnostic sensors (physical/biosignal sensing) - en-coder, hall sensor, wearable sensor, EMG, EKG, cen-tral & peripheral nervous system
    - Brain sensors (EEG, fNIRs, fMRI, MEG, ECoG, Intra-cortical Neuron Recording)
    - Sensors for medical robotic device - pressure sen-sor

    - Amplifiers and filters
    - Sensors for individual parameters and the principles for measuring them, incl. micro-mechanical (probe tips), micro-electromagnetic (e.g. Hall effect), resolu-tion (temporal, intensity, spectral, spatial), response time, sensitivity, noise

    - Principles, physical effects, conventional actuators, micro-actuators, applications, incl. comb-drive actua-tors, micro-motors (electrostatic, electromagnetic, piezoelectric) and transmissions, moving micro-mirrors, valves and metering systems, positioning accuracy, actuation, power converters, dynamics
    - Invasive/Noninvasive sensors and actuators (Periph-eral Nerve Electrodes, Spinal Cord Stimulation, Func-tional electrical stimulation (FES), Vocal Cord Stimu-lation)
    - MR compatible sensors and actuator