Medical Sensors and Actuators

Course contents
- Diagnostic sensors (physical/biosignal) - encoder, hall sensor, EMG , EKG
- Wearable sensors (SpO2, heart rate, body core temp, stretch sensors)
- Brain signal sensing (EEG, fNIRs, fMRI, MEG, ECoG, Intracortical Neuron Recording)
- Sensors for medical robotic devices (pressure sensors, IMU)
- Spectroscopy, OES, LDA

- Amplifiers and filters
- Sensors for individual parameters and the principles for measuring them,
resolution (temporal, intensity, spectral, spatial), response time, sensitivity,

- Principles, physical effects, conventional actuators, micro-actuators,
applications, incl. comb-drive actuators, micro-motors (electrostatic,
electromagnetic, piezoelectric) and transmissions, moving micro-mirrors,
valves, pumps, shape memory alloys, vibration inducing systems
- Invasive/Noninvasive actuators (Peripheral Nerve Electrodes,
Spinal Cord Stimulation, Functional electrical stimulation (FES), Vocal Cord
- MR compatible sensors and actuator