Process- and Project management

Course contents
  • projectmanagement:
    - are introduced to the fundamentals of project management and projects as a strategic success factor for an enterprise
    - are made familiar with the basics of corporate processes and their interdependences within an enterprise from a holistic perspective, as well as with the increasing importance of information and know-how management
    - get an insight into various concepts and essential features of strategic management, with a special focus on process and project management
    - based on example cases the students work out close links between the contents and their implementation
    - after completion of the course students are familiar with the essential theoretical bases of project management, and have acquired the action competence necessary for designing and steering projects

    - fundamentals of process management
    - policy deployment and the links between strategy and operations
    - process description, design and optimization
    - process models, primary and secondary business processes
    - five-step process management
    - applied process management in industrial, service-related, administrative and non-profit organizations and institutions
    - process management and tools for process visualization and improvement