Leadership, Business Ethics & Change FT
Course contents
  • Reviewing essential leadership competencies:

    - International leadership competencies, cultural dimensions and impacts

    - Developing organizational skills

    - Principles of international teamwork: establishing a third-culture common ground

    - Realization of creative and innovative potential and power as an inspiring motivator for heterogeneous group cooperation

    - Developing intercultural sensitivity: developing and coaching global execu-tives (e.g. strategy support, mediating conflict situations, supportive measures for culture shock and others)
    Reviewing systemic context:

    - Social dynamic results of international trade & economic policies

    - Realizing global workforce complexity and challenges

    - Human development: trends, sociological and psychological aspects, Power dynamics & micro policies

    - Driving forces and economic outcomes of globalization / speed of trans-formation

    - Consequences and indicators of cross-border flow of trade, capital, labour and work-force including questions of standards of classification /evaluation of education
    Change in a global context:

    - Impact and changes in the competitive landscape

    - Understanding opportunities and threats

    - Managing complexity as a meta-challenge

    - Price for ignoring complexity issues

    - Stages and promotion of organizational intercultural development
    Managing responsibility in multinationals:

    - Implications of corruption: losing control and loyalty

    - Making ethical decisions

    - Engagements in the developing country context - gaining legitimacy

    - Signs of ethical engagement

    - Responsibility labels and networks

    - Case studies
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