Digital Marketing & Communications
Course contents
  • - Objectives and functioning of
    o Display marketing
    o Newsletter marketing
    o Affiliate marketing
    o Search engine marketing and search engine optimization
    o Social media marketing
    - Digital marketing strategies for different industries
    Lechle Matthias
    This course is designed to generate a new and holistic understanding of "digital" as a space that offers emerging opportunities for marketing communications. During the course we will look at the complexity brands and companies face when trying to run marketing communications within a digital environment. We will also explore different theoretical assumptions for social media based marketing communications beyond established social media marketing.

    Course objectives
    By the end of the class, students will know about:

    - How the Internet and especially social media has changed the way business is done
    - How customer engagement in online social networks can be understood and controlled
    - How to utilize online social networks for marketing purposes
    - The different types of ‘publics' and how they come into being
    - The role of ‘mediation devices' and how they can be used for marketing communications
    - How social network research can provide particular insights for consumer behavior

    1. Introduction to digital marketing communications
    2. Social network research and consumer behavior
    3. Customer engagement in online social network and brand communities
    4. Networked, ad-hoc and brand publics

    Requirements for the course
    Principles of marketing and marketing communications
    Basics of online marketing and social media
    Basic understanding of the Internet and related technologies
    Fundamental knowledge of descriptive statistics

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