Asset & Risk Management

Course contents
The lesson on asset- and risk management comprises the following areas:
- Introduction of the basic principles of risk assessment and risk management.
- Explanation of the fundamentals of explosions and explosion protection
- Imparting assessment competence on process safety concepts
- Practical application of systematic and structured identification of operational risks (HAZOP)
- Interactive discussion of the most significant operational safety risk management levers
- Learning from incidents
- Performance monitoring with leading and lagging key performance indicator system
- Risk assessments for hazardous activities
- Securing mechanical integrity - preventive and predictive maintenance
- Flawless execution of plant modifications during the life cycle - Management of Change
- Implementation of a safe system for work permits -
- Periodic Clean Sheet Reviews
- Regular safety and emergency exercises
- Consideration of human factors
- Established auditing systems, internal and external

The theoretical concepts are deepened by reflection of real process incident examples through videos, depicting the sequence of events which was leading to the incident.