International Welfare Systems

Course contents
Introduction to health and social systems overview
Continued lecture and class group work on international health and social systems, including basis health economic concepts (financing, pooling, purchasing, and service provision).
Health Systems, their management, governance, financing and overall cross-sectoral context for population health outcomes. Health in all policies, Health and Social Systems in the context of high-income OECD countries and in contrast to Low-income countries in development.
Macroeconomic, microeconomic and political and development context of Health Reform and Health Sector Management. Guest Lecture on Pharmaceuticals. Review the performance of Condi-tional Cash Transfer Programs (CCTs).
Macro + Micro context continued Health and wealth, Equity and Efficiency and respective trade-offs within international health and social systems. Contrast High-income countries (Nether-lands, Switzerland, and Austria) with performance of MICs.
Ethical and political dimensions of health and social systems, issues of choice, fairness, equality and equity explained through the lens of different philosophical approaches.