Law & Public Health Practice

Course contents
  • EU institutions, decision making, sources etc
    How to solve (health related) cases in the context of the funda-mental freedoms
    Cross-border healthcare vs. medical tourism
    Patient Rights
    Assisted reproductive technologies (ART), including surrogacy
    Stem cell patentability
    Communicable diseases
    Knowledge into action I: the role of evidence in policy
    Knowledge into action II: the role of people, networks and inter-ests in policy
    Micro-level decision-making: the case of rationing in the UK NHS
    The case of technology adoption
    Focus on the Public-Private Partnerships framework as one of the legal tools to provide services of general interest
    Analysis of nonprofit organizations in the EU and US legal context
    Analysis of EU law and of some of the ECJ decisions

    - Understand Public Health intervention examples in the Global South and their importance for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
    - Understand the overall logic of a logframe and how it helps to plan projects
    - Being able to prepare an own logframe on a health-related project addressing SDG 3
    - Understand importance and methods for stakeholder and local people's involvement in projects
    - Understanding the need for good indicators to monitor projects