Regulation & Competition in Health Care Markets

Course contents
  • Introduction to the concept of regulation and governance, both in terms of health systems but also in the context of global health and global health institutions.
    WHO, World Bank, GAVI, Global Fund, UNICEF, BMGF
    Issues and challenges of health system performance in OECD countries. Challenges of Health Financing both in High Income (HIC) and Low and Middle Income (LMIC) countries. Matters of revenue generation within the macroeconomic context, risk pool-ing, insurance modalities, and service delivery within the context of a functioning health system. Regulation and governance of public and private financiers and providers based on the interna-tional experience.
    The governments toolbox for affecting behavior Pharmaceutical Policy and Regulation
    Health care view from the industry perspective
    Introduction of concepts and real life examples of risk selection and adjustment, implicit and explicit definition of covered services and administration of access
    Health care view from the industry perspective
    The changing authorizing environment
    Regulation and competition - synopsis from global experi-ence