Contract and Company Law

Course contents
  • Legal aspects of the conclusion of contracts (in-depth on the basics of civil law in the Bachelor's program):
    - Applicable law
    - Phases of the conclusion of a contract
    - International sales law
    - Consumer protection
    Defects and deficiencies (in-depth on the basics of civil law in the bachelor's program):
    - Non-performance
    - Warranty
    - Compensation for damages
    - Product liability
    - Error
    - Shortening over half
    - Root defects
    Special aspects of the purchase contract
    - Transfer of risk INCOTERMS
    - Retention of title national and international
    - Liens
    - Guarantees, sureties
    Distribution law:
    - Travelling salesman
    - Commercial agent
    - Commission agent
    - Proprietary trader
    - Basic companies
    - Transfer pricing issues
    Company formation, reorganizations, participation & cooperation:
    - Relevant legal forms (GesbR, OG, KG, silent partnership, EWIV, GmbH, AG)
    - Separation principle, co-entrepreneurship
    - Reorganization measures (merger, demerger, conversion, amalgamation, real division, contribution, accretion)
    - Acquisition of shareholdings (share deal)/acquisition of companies (asset deal)
    - Special provisions for corporate succession (MRG, AVRAG, UGB, ABGB, VVG)
    - International cooperation/joint venture
    Income tax law:
    - Basic aspects of national income and corporate tax law
    - Basic aspects of international tax law
    - Double taxation agreements in detail
    Law against unfair competition (UWG)
    Private International Law
    Intellectual property law
    - Trademark, design, copyright, patent law
    Competition law iwS:
    - UWG
    - National & international antitrust law
    Comliance and Corporate Governance
    Legal aspects of supply chain management
    Dispute resolution and enforcement