Business Intelligence

Course contents
  • The course 'Business Intelligence' covers the contents from the collection of data to the evaluation of data for the past. After an introduction to the topic and clarification of terms, the first part covers the acquisition of data. In particular, the concepts of 'classic data' and 'big data' are examined in more detail. The second part deals with the processing of the raw data in order to prepare it for further analysis. In the third and final part, this acquired and prepared data is used to calculate simple metrics to measure business performance and present them clearly. The entire course is accompanied by practical examples in Matlab.
    The content of the course at a glance:
    - Introduction to the field
    - Data acquisition
    o Data collection
    o Data sources: Classic Data, Big Data
    - Data set preparation
    o Data Masking
    o Data Mining
    o Classic Data: Data Labelling (categorical vs. numeric), Data cleansing / Data correction, Dealing with missing values, Case specific
    o Big Data: Data Labelling (numbers, text, digital images, videos and audio); Data cleansing / Data correction, Dealing with missing values
    - Business Intelligence
    o Data analysis
    o Measurement of business performance
    o Extract and present information: Key figures, KPIs, Reports, Dashboards