Production Engineering & Operations I

Course contents
  • - Plan
    o Location decision (structure, supplies, etc.)
    o International supply chain management

    - Source (incl. technical procurement)
    o Material analysis (evaluation, standards, etc.)
    o Material planning (requirements analysis, consumption)
    o Inventory planning (volumes, rhythm, etc.)
    o Operative procurement (contracts, stores, etc.)
    o Material flow planning (layout, Sankay)
    o Material storage (stages, design, order, etc.)

    - Make
    o Production factors (labor, plant, patents, etc.)
    o Characteristics of production systems (e.g. flexibility)
    o Modes of production (e.g. make to order, continuous flow)
    o Production program design (e.g. size of lots)
    o Production planning and steering (e.g. scheduling)
    o BDE and computer support

    - Deliver
    o Physical distribution (sales channels and agents)
    o International distribution logistics (foreign trade, etc.)
    o Distribution-oriented transport logistics (e.g. TUL)
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